Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 67

Knocker Update, Winter 2006


Coming Soon to a Racetrack in Texas!


(Yes, it's been a while since the Alien checked in and gave us an update on his doings after moving to Houston. A few years back I could get an update by looking in our driveway in College Station and now I actually have to email or call him to find out what is going on unless we cross paths while one of us is 'in town'. I'll let him bring you up to date on what's going on - Costas)

Above: The bling pulls in the hotties! (v1.0)

Version 1.0 - Bitchin' Camaro (1986)
Stock. Bone stock. White cotton panties stock. Nubbies on the original tires stock. Right off the assembly line onto some showroom floor awaiting it's first test drive stock. Sold to ??? from ??? on ??? for ??? because ???.

Above: v2.0 with all it's louvers and mudflap glory!!

Version 2.0-2.? - Redneck Heaven (198x - 200x)
Unsure of how many changes were made before the boys in Amarillo got ahold of it, but they couldn't have been this bad. Hatch louvers, NOS seatcovers, Nos floormats and matching NOS steering wheel cover... but no nitrous. And best of all, the 'we dropped in a tree-fiddy'. The swap was poorly done. Of course, there was those pesky leaky valve seals *EXPLANATION LINK HERE*. At least it didn't have a blowed up rear end. (HEY!!! ;-)  -Costas)

Above: v3.0, installation not included

Version 3.0-3.2 - Mostly stock, just a few bolt ons  (2001-2003)
We can rebuild it. Didn't plan on rebuilding the moter THIS soon. But I didn't have much of a choice. Replaced the toasted block wik a roller 350, put in a mild cam (XR258HR), and rebuild the stock truck heads that were on there due to budget. Demon Jr 625 and Heddman shorty headers to breathe in and out.
Springs, dubs-minus-4, and a T-T-T-Torsen.
Swapped the rear end for one wik 3.23s and ALUMINUM drums. Snowball effect. While I was there, figured I may as well install a take-off Torsen from SLP. Springs would be easy to do now as well, so in went some used Suspension Techniques lowering springs. Geez, front springs have to come out, may as well upgrade the struts to a pair of used Bilstein sports. Shortly after, we decommissioned Fiske's 91 RS. I snagged the 16's and the rear hatch glass to get rid of that ugly exterior third brake light, cause ya know, it's all about the bling.

Above: A tale of two tours! The 05 El Paso Tour and then the 06 Houston Tour. My what big tires you have!!

Above and below: The cage! Very nicely done. 

Version 4.0-4.1 - Mo' powa! (2004-2005)
Vortec inside. Thanks to Costas, I now had in my possession a pair of 305 Vortec heads. Had my head guy replace the 1.84 intake valves w/ 1.94's and clean up the exhaust ports a bit. Had to replace the intake as well. Whoa, what a difference in power. The carb couldn't keep up and needed to be tuned.
Big Rubber and Foot protection.
315's baby! Why yes, they do look mean, and yes, they are wider than your stock Corvette tires. 315/35s on 17x11s on the rear and 275/40s on 17x9.5s up front. 2" wheel adapters all the way around, a home-made adjustable panhard bar, and a little love from a BFH make it all work. 
Todd and Eric build the cage, or monkeybars as Todd called it, that I laid out. It's mad tight, yo! Really. After Todd makes the comment to Eric about not getting the cage to fit as tight at the Turd's, Eric gently taps the main hoop of Knocker in place w/ a hammer. I'm way impressed wik how it turned out.

Above: The donor car that was Chad's 92 1LE/B4C 305/5sp ex-DPS car.