Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 67

Knocker Update, Winter 2006


Coming Soon to a Racetrack in Texas!

Version 5.0 - 5 Litre, 5-spd, ex-Five-O (Winter, 2006)
"Chad wrecked his B4C" That's the text message I received that made me sad/excited/full of anticipation. I had been looking for a 305 TPI motor to swap in to go CMC (Camaro-Mustang-Challenge) racing. I had joked wik Chad that if he ever wrecked his car, I got first dibs. True to his word, Chad sold me the ex-DPS pursuit car. I kinda felt bad for saying that, but now Chad has a LS1 formula, so it wasn't all that bad. I have no airtools to strip the car, so it took me a little longer than 3 1/2 hours. Joe Leverage was my friend. I did take extra care to removed everything complete and by not cutting unnecessarily. In the end, everything that could be unbolted, was. The B4C sat in the driveway wik only the broken windshield, what was left of the exploded battery, and air bag sensors waiting for the wrecker. I couldn't help myself, even knowing fully well that I'd never use them, I unbolted the sensors before the car was taken away.


Above and below: Out with the old and then in with the new(er).

Rustoleum should sponsor me. Clean and paint. Clean some more and paint. And more painting. Now was the time to do it as Knocker got stripped down to just the body. Once Knocker was pressure-washed, I painted the engine bay and everywhere that I could find that wasn't red. Yeah, yeah, I know. "White is gonna get dirty so easy." Don't care, it's not a showcar, and I don't want to hide the oil leaks, I want to be able to find them.
The plan was to use pretty much everything from the B4C. And I do mean everything. Baffled gas tank, fuel lines, parking brake handle, engine cross member. And of course the good stuff like the koni's, disc rear end, big front brakes, World class t-5, and the LB9. The 1000lb front springs, well, I had to buy those. I cleaned and painted the parts that came off and used the B4C bits instead of Knockers (even tho some parts are identical to the ones that were on Knocker). This way, I wasn't faced wik the task of cleaning and painting everything at once. It was nice to just hit assembly mode. It was like building a big model car.