Chapter 99

01 April 2008

Update to Chapter 96 with mo'betta Pictures


Why yes, I *DO* wish this was an April Fools post, but it's not. This is real damage. Ug. Pictures to follow with captions below.


The hole out the side of the pan that we last left you with

The inside of the pan. Only found part of one rod bolt.

The pan was hard to get off as the wall had been pushed up against some of the pan bolts on the passenger side. I had to hammer the thin metal back away from the bolts in order to get a 5/16ths on them and take them out.

#7 Piston was up near the combustion chamber, but I reached in and easily pulled it back down. I hope the heads are okay! I was worried about a sucked valve and the resultant effects but maybe, just maybe, I got lucky.

Upper valvetrain fine and everything still there. I'm sure I hurt the valve, but maybe the heads are okay. Headers are off, carb and distributor are off, most of the front is off the motor plate and the bellhousing is unbolted. In less than an hour (and once I grab Frank's cherry-picker) I should have it out of the chassis.

Maybe some nice pictures now?

A little opposite lock leaving the pit-out-road and heading down to T1.

Dropping into T1 with Eric Ritchie behind me.

Carousel after passing two of the T3 cars.

Finding grip on the exit of T3