Witchdoctor Motorsports

Tuesday Jan 22 - Sunday Jan 27

Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona

Grand-American Daytona Prototype and GT Racing

(all captions are below the pictures)

Starter stand visit. Nighttime during green flag laps. Absolutely incredible.

Pic from the starter stand. I got some video too.

The front row on grid, pre-race

Me giving my interview.

GTO.R with some damage.

Synergy car at a pitstop.


Fresh motor.

Going to tech inspection

The two Synergy cars for the Porsche pictures.

One of the XPEL guys doing an install.

Four XPEL guys doing the Ferrari team simultaneously. Took about 20 minutes to do both bumpers.

And then OOPS!

Starting the repair.

Hot hot hot...

Porsche power.

DP front end.

Kerrigan, Synergy fueler, during an early stop.

Brain bucket.

Banner GXP sans hood.

Banner spares.

Waiting to go on track.

Pitstop action.

Banner stop.

Winning GT car on Saturday.

Part of the DP field.



GT car showing some damage.

Synergy car at speed on the front straight.

GT1 Camaro, an ex-IMSA car.


Scott kissing the ride that gave him his third Rolex Daytona victory

Spare M6 front end in for an XPEL bumper job.


Missing some parts...


I'll take two, please.

Planned engine swap on Friday.

Welding on the 430 Challenge car.


Aft DP parts.

Motor swap.

The XPEL guys covering a red bumper in black vinyl so it can be run on the white F430. Looked pretty good when done!

Finished product.

Dive plane.

M6 interior.