Chapter 90

The Driver's Edge HPDE Weekend 

Texas World Speedway, Long Course, Counterclockwise

Nov 10/11 2007


It had been a long while since I'd instructed with TDE and I was happy I had some time to go play this weekend. The B4C (white one) was due for some exercise and since I didn't feel like hauling the trailer and such, I just threw some good 710s in the back with minimal gear and headed out early Saturday morning and made it to the front gate about 0630. Once inside I pulled into our (Tracy and Tye had already dropped the night before) pits and got to work. Tye pulled in a bit later and I found out that Tracy had gotten sick the night before with food poisoning and was up all night sick. I finished up swapping tires, hit the instructor meeting and wandered a bit. There was some seriously nice machinery here and lots of mechanical eye-candy to gander at. 

I checked the coolant as the gauge had been wandering a lot lately and I had put a fresh sensor in Friday night before the trip. It had leaked a bit and so I topped it off and it ran fine the first few sessions. After the days events I drove to Wade's and the gauge was acting erratic again but this time it was due to coolant loss. I re-gooped it at Wade's and while it was fine on Sunday (the sensor), I think I sprung a water neck or intake leak. At lunch on Sunday I put a little stop-leak in it and that seemed to fix it but I didn't track it anymore. She made it home (175 miles) just fine. While I gave some rides on Saturday in the B4C, Tracy let me use his Cobra for some rides on Sunday. 

Tye's luck was a little worse. During the third session on Saturday the power steering cap came apart with pieces falling in the pump and the cap going MIA. It blew the fluid out and burned up the pump. He swapped the pump that night but the reservoir was still leaking and we couldn't locate a new one quickly. He ended up driving the Cobra too. Thankfully there were three cars for two drivers!! Tye trailer his Z28 down so going back for him was easy. 

Tye was one of my students and while he hadn't been on track in years, he blew the cobwebs out quickly and was fast out of the box. We worked on some basics and smoothness and I quickly solo'd him. For some reason, folks like to spin in front of Tye and no less than 5 cars did for the weekend. Strange. My other student was a first-timer and did very well, climbing up the speed/smoothness ladder a little bit every session and having the last session on Sunday easily being his best. He was in a black C5 and we had a good time.

Me and Miss B4C (and someone in the passenger seat) going to T13. You can just barely see the small vidcam on the front air dam

above photo by Kat...thanks!


Cup car.

Sweet plate!

Tye coming in in the Cobra

An M400 Noble with Rick's Nascar Truck in the background

Front straight parking!!


After the motor blew leaving internals on the track and hot oil under the car and up the tail doing some damage.


The wall from the 355 hit (photo by Kat).

Another sweet shot by Kat! Notice how close the front air dam is to the ground!

Lastly, my ziptie mount for the gopro hero cam. The lower plastic fins got scraped off and the vid is shaky, but it is good for a laugh!