Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 88

23 September 2007 - 28 September 2007



23 September, 2007 - Sunday

I'm here. Actually here. At Nats. I've been close to coming quite a few times, but I'm actually here this time and I'm pretty excited. Nick (my co-driver) and I left early Saturday and scooted up 800 miles of Interstate 35 and pulled into Topeka Saturday evening. After some fast sleep we headed to the track early this morning and got registered, thru tech inspection and slapped the new Hoosiers on the car and went and got in some practice laps (scrubbed the tires in and shook the car down...it went fine) followed by working the course and then a bit of relaxing. After Todd showed up with my stickers, Nick and I set to work getting the car ready for the big show.

Roger Johnson (one of the two course designers) saw my golf cart and golf cart trailer and asked for some help setting up, so after a few hours of moving cones, marking cones and numbering cones the day was coming to a close and dinner was calling.

The day is wrapping up and after a LONG day travelling and then a LONG day at Heartland Park, I'm going to close this with some pictures. I need to get horizontal and start sleeping!

Above: Same body as Scratcher! It's a V6 and a very different frame/suspension than Scratcher though.

Above: This is how you put big tahrs on an older 911. SAWZALL!!!

Above: Big wing = big grip

Above: No wing up front, but a splitter and some dive planes.

Above: uber-spoiler!

When GM heard I was showing up, they brought me some support... ;-)

Above: an RX3 with big camber!

Above: the same RX3 behind a new 911. Note the front camber in the Mazda. Wow.

Above: Yeah...but if you don't win, you're gonna get mocked for that plate!

Above: Wing? Diffuser? LUCKY!!!

Above: Witchdoctor Action!!!

Above: If folks say I have too many stickers, I'll just point to this car!

Lastly, while the practice was going on today, there was a track-day for the local motorcycle guys so I took this for my buddy Frank who will wants to do one of these soon. It was sweet to see (and hear!) them flying by all day.


On to the Competition (and I use that term loosely) report!