Chapter 87

August 25 2007

Vorshlag Motorsports SOLO II Nationals Test-N-Tune at Mineral Wells


Just a few words and we'll get to some pictures.

Nick and I are driving Miss B4C at Nats and since neither of us had driven on the new Hoosier A6 we went to the test day that the VOMO guys were gracious enough to invite us to in order to dial the car in and get some practice in. I had only autocrossed once in the previous 6 months and going to Nationals would likely need to see me a bit more cone-acclimated.

The crappy pictures are mine, the good ones are Amy's. hoozerz!!! herocam digital video camera!!

The quick-rigged mount.

Argh. Changing a golf-cart tire. We got a spare for the GRM UTCC and finally needed it.


Tye in his fly new El Ess Juan!

Amy on my trailer getting the good shots!


Testing crap.

Looking ahead! Note herocam on headlamp and DL1 antenna on roof.

Future NATIONAL CHAMP, Punky, practicing the lean and turn maneuver.

Mmmmm....XP C5

Mr. Vomo

Nick putting some heat in the hoozerz.

Golf cart used for shagging cones because it blows to run in the heat.

Some clown in a honduh.  ;-)



This car sounds awesome. Not quite 'Scratcher Awesome', but definitely awesome.