Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 86

2? 14? 21? How about just happy???


Wednesday the 15th of August, 2007


The alarm went off this morning at 0630. And was promptly snoozed for another 10 minutes. Twice. At ten till seven I extracated myself from the bed (when dogs are laying up against both sides of your legs on TOP of the sheets it is difficult to just roll out....it becomes this whole process). So anyway, the pups were up and looking at me, just not helping me get up. Into the kitchen to make the Birthday breakfast for the dogs. Yep, two (human) years old today. According to old school stuff, a dog matures 7 years for every one human year. Newer estimates put it at 10.5 years for the first two years and then 4 dog years per human year after that. So, 10.5, 21, then 25, 29, 33, etc etc. Regardless, it was a birthday and so good things should happen. 

We started with breakfast. A little warmed-up ham on top of some grated cheese on the Eukanuba Shepherd mix with a little milk thrown in (hey, its breakfast cereal!!) made them happy (well, they are always happy to eat, but I'm sure they appreciated the extra effort). I then got ready and went to work and took the back half of the day off. My pups only turn two once and some nice sunshine right now would be a good thing. Family outing!

I came home, changed clothes and made a quick lunch (they always help me with my Cheetos!) and then loaded up some water, leashes, water, camera, water, threw on my hikers and the three of us headed out. It is Texas in August and so it is hot, but we've been exercising and running around a good bit and we were ready to hit the trails. 

The duramax fires up and they are ready to go!

The above three pics are deer that we saw and I managed a pic. We saw more. The pups smelled a lot more.

On trail. Usually. Being the birthday pups, they were allowed to blaze a trail if they really wanted. The trails they would blaze were good, but not quite tall enough for me. Coincidentally, the number of deer we went off path for and the number of trails we blazed are equal. Shazam. 

Rulers of all that is woodland!

Although they drank from my camelback when I did (we killed almost all of the 72 ounces!!), the pups still drank heartily when back in the BHD.

And, 5 minutes after getting home they were on the kitchen tile soaking up the coolness VS. them on the same floor almost 2 years ago!

Above and below were the FIRST ride in the BHD. Barely 5 pounds each and me having NO idea what they were going to turn into. Dang, I got lucky!


Dinner was a few hours ago and they got the same Eukanuba Shepherd mix (their normal food) topped with scrambled eggs (made w/milk, cheeses and ham). They are fast asleep now but will wake when I snack later on some BB Cookies and Cream Ice Cream and I'm sure they'll get some. Both dogs will eat from a fork or spoon and while you will pull back a clean utensil if you share, you will very, very rarely hear teeth on metal. I love my dogs. :-)