Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 80, 21/22 July 2007



In the VERY early afternoon of Sunday the 22nd of July, 2007, Scratcher barked to life (with well under 1 second of engine rotation!) and let me tell you....she sounds ROWDY! The guy who lives up the block (there is five houses and a cross street in between us) walked down within 5 minutes of us firing it to check it out. Sweet. 

Friday night Wade drove into town and Nick came over and we got started. Saturday Cody flew down (he flies for free!) and spent the day helping out with Wade and Nick and Fertitta and we got a TON done. Cody had to leave Saturday evening and Fertitta had dinner plans, but after Nick, Wade and I had dinner (queso FTW!) we looked at the disaster we were working in and stopped all production to put away all tools and clean the garage. Sunday dawned to clean workspaces and a Scratcher that was very close to firing up. Wade, Nick and I worked all day long with Fertitta putting in some good time between family commitments. 

We got a TON done this weekend and the list is LOOOONG. Taillights all wired in, diff full (after a trip to sears for a 9/16 allen head...I mean, c'mon...that's a bit large for a fill plug!), trans full, oil lines routed and secured, gauges installed securely (I already have a DASH2 LCD display for her, but it will take too long to install and wire and program, so analogs it is for UTCC), oil filter issue FINALLY resolved (it wasn't pretty...but it works and looks good now), battery installed and braced, master switch relocated, msd installed and wired, front sway bar done and installed, brake hoses run at nose (not to spindle yet...and btw, 5" brake hoses are frakking HUGE), engine primed, blah blah blah.

At the end of Sunday we put the bodywork on and my awesome neighbors Chad and Dina washed the car and put some wax/polish stuff on her and WHOAH does she look good.

So the current situation is this: We have a car that has NOT been on the dyno and NOT ever been on the track (or moved under her own power for that matter) and we are looking into going 1200 miles to VIR to battle for the title of 'Ultimate Track Car'. Hopefully I can get some dyno time and some private track time in the next 3 days and then get running across the south to make VIR Thursday afternoon. We can make it if we don't hit any snags. Or just really small snags. Cross your fingers folks. 

And now, some random pics of the weekend.

Her name is Scratcher. Here is why.

Wade fabbing something. No clue what is on the tv, but Trackbird's old steering wheel is in front of some wheel centers on the wall. 

Cody helping with the oil filter situation. He also got the DL1 up and going and lots of general help.

Wade snuggling up to the Jerico to do some wiring.

Fertitta taking a call while he plans how to weld up and brace the nose structure. It was only tacked before, now it is ready for speed!

Nick working on the front sway bar arms. Yes the picture is blurry, Nick is just too fast for cameras.

Jabrock FTW!

Dog, sleeping and keeping Miss B4C safe.

Not to be outdone, Nick cuddles the Jerico and fills it with synthetic goodness.

Wade wrapping up the MSD/DL1 tray.

Optima in group 75....harder to find than you think.

Nick and Wade putting the dash panel on.

I really like the way this car looks. A whole lot. Really.



Outside. Notice reflection of tow loop on roof. 25$ worth of Rust-o-leum shines up nicely.