Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 79

Thrash III

(up to 15 July 2007)


Nick and Frank came over last weekend and Nick got the exhaust ports done for the doors (and they look SCHWEET!) and Frank and I got the transmission installed. Frank and I worked the rest of last week and then just this weekend Wade and Candice came in town and Frank came down and we had a good Saturday getting the clutch plumbed (which still won't bleed correctly...argh), the wing adjustments drilled, the front swaybar mounted, the forward transmission mount built and the rear transmission mount built. Wade got the MSD/DL1 panel built and various other small things were completed.

Above: Drilling the wing adjustment holes

Above: Transmission installed and driveshaft in place. Unfortunately the rear u-joint is wrong for the pinion yoke. Argh.

Above: Axles too long (both)

Above: Axles just right (yes...I know it is fuzzy...it was a quickpic)

Above: Wade and the MSD/DL1 tray

Above: Powered up for the first time; 15 July 2007. Yay. No fires!!! (yet??? ;-)

Above: Speaking of fire...Frank making sparks for the front swaybar mounts

Above: The only casualty recently, a china-made c-clamp

Above: Detroit Locker installed!

Above: Sunday at 1500 and I was going to roll Scratcher out the sweep and clean. But it rained. ARGH. So sick of rain.