Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 78: 23/24 June, 2007


A little over a month to go for the Ultimate Track Car Challenge and lots to do on Scratcher. We put a good dent in the list this weekend!

Above: My two B4Cs, Gary's ranger, Wade's coupe and Cody's STi

Above: First thing Saturday, Frank welded up a jacking point/step to allow us to lft the car with the bodywork on and allow an easier entry into the car. We'll build several and see how long it takes us to launch the car for a practice session with one still sticking out the side of the car. Sure, we'll paint it pink or yellow but we'll still forget it. At some point. Really.

He also welded in the bodywork supports and the tailpipe braces.

Above: First thing Saturday Nick and Cody assembled bodywork. This included the taillight panel to the bumper and the rear quarters to the hatch and then the Lexan and straps.

Above: Then a quick rest before the next task...

Above: The beginning of splitter fabrication.

Above: Wade was tasked with making the middle pedal work, which is tough when you only have 1 axle worth of brake pads. Yes, I ordered plenty, and yes I got hosed and they didn't show up. Argh.

Above: Rally and Race hung out most the day...when they weren't running off chasing something.

Above: Frank eyeing how he is going to mount the wing and Cody putting the axle seals in the axle housing.

Above: Wing mount fabrication begins. Wade's coupe hides in the background. 

Above: The lower block bolts to the engine block, then the starter bolts to the lower block. Totally weird way to do it, but with a very small 105 tooth flywheel, it works.

Above: There are certain rules for location of wing. Note level on wing and another on centerline of car.

Above: Yeah...I spent the extra and got 'HIGH-PERFORMANCE' Lexan.

Above: Being industrious, Wade used wood for brake pads to bleed and pressure check systems. He put sandpaper on the wood so it will provide plenty of bite. He went with 400 grit, which honestly I thought was a bit much for pine (I figured about a 200 grit) but Wade was in charge of the brakes and by the days end, the middle pedal did indeed work.

Above: Wade working on the brakes.

Above: Nick working on the light covers.

Above: Cutting up perfectly good bodywork in the name of downforce.

Above: Wade helping out with wing mount fab.

Above: Nick, Frank and Gary figuring out the 'box' the rules allow the wing to be mounted in.

Above: Yes, the box IS leaning against the nose. The pizza was over 28" across. A fed crew is a happy crew.

Above: Frank making sparks for the wing mount.

Above: Saturday night the wing was on. For GT1 it can go up a few inches. For everything else, it can go up a lot more. Heh heh...

Above: Sunday Frank and I do our synchronized leaning putting an XPEL ppf kit on Cody's new STi.

Above: Frank wrapping up the bumper kit while Cody and Nick put the headlamp lenses in the hood. Nick's '01 Z28 hiding in the background.

Above: Gary helping Nick wrap up the lenses.

Above: Sunday afternoon and everybody headed out after the nose was mocked back up. Schweet!


Stay tuned...more to come!