Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 76 - 16 June 2007

Thrash 1

So yeah, Scratcher got an Ultimate Track Car Challenge (UTCC) invite. Awesome.

But Scratcher has never moved under her own power. Her initial owner had a running motor in her briefly but no driveshaft or third member. I got her without an engine/trans/3rd member installed. To say there is a lot of work to do would be a serious understatement. Not only has she not ran, but I'm highly doubting that my initial suspension settings will prove to be optimal and then there is the small matter of learning how to drive her quickly. There are some serious machines going to the UTCC and most all of them have loads of track time and are fully sorted. In fact, a lot of folks have driven VIR before. I've never even seen it.

So with that knowledge tucked away, the WDMS crew was called for a big thrash weekend. Since everyone was pretty busy the first weekend (16/17 June) we settled on the following one (23rd/24th). However, with SO much to do, local crewdogs Nick and Fertitta both volunteered a pre-thrash day of Saturday the 16th to get a few things squared away.

So after the three of us working a little over 13 hours we got a TON done. Don't get me wrong, there is still a ton to do, but Frank got the seat mounts fabricated (the seat is ready to bolt in now), Nick got all the body latches re-installed (several hours to get them right...and tedious...yeesh!), I got the lights put back in the tail piece, we got the holes cut for the exhaust exits and brake ducts, the passenger side headers/muffler/dump pipe installed, and made some headway on the oil pump and belt-drive setup. We also got the dry-sump oil tank cleaned out, the electrical and oil lines ready to be rerouted and mocked up some of the bodywork. 

Above: Frank patching a notch the previous owner had made for header clearance. Mine have plenty of clearance so a patch was installed.

Above: Nick making the brake ducts functional and installing bodywork latchery.

Above: Scratcher looks like she has a bit of a drug problem...

Above: Flashbacks of putting 3 piece wheels together...

Above: Getting there...

Above: Drilling holes = making car lighter!!

"Simplify and add lightness" - NR