Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 75 - 01 June 2007

Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge



A little background first. Read the info (stolen from http://grassrootsmotorsports.com/news/012007/grm-ultimate-track-car-challenge.php)

"GRM has teamed up with NASA to create the Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge. We池e going select a variety of cars to compete in a NASA Time Trial format at the Virginia International Raceway North Course on Friday, July 27.

The fastest car wins, but since we池e a bunch of car-crazy writers, we値l be looking for neat stories throughout the field. While the only hard data we値l be gathering is the lap times, we値l have our eyes peeled for outstanding (or horrific) engineering, daily driver manners, bad assedness, durability, ease of duplication, operating budget, driving ease and the use of brains over brawn.

To keep it simple, we池e going to have two categories, Shop Class and Independent Study. Shop Class is for the heavy hitters who build and prepare cars for a living. Independent Study is for the guys and gals who come home from work and spend late nights doing it themselves in the garage.

Each category is broken into two classes, Varsity and JV. All naturally-aspriated, four-cylinder (or less), mass production based cars running DOT legal tires are in the JV class. Anything with forced induction, racing slicks, a tube frame or an engine with rotors or more than four cylinders runs in Varsity.

This is an invitation only event, but we池e teaming up with CarDomain.com to make the application process part of the fun. If you want to be considered for the GRM UTC Challenge, log on to www.cardomain.com/grm and follow the steps to create a CarDomain.com site for your entry.

As part of this process you値l be required to upload a photo of your car, so have a digital image at the ready. The deadline for entry is June 1, but the sooner you submit your entry at CarDomain.com the more time we have to get to know your car before we make a decision.

Be sure to put in as much information as you can on your CarDomain.com site. We値l be picking entries based on this information, and we won稚 know how cool your car is unless you tell us.

Best of all, you値l be able to poke around the GRM UTC Challenge category and see what other cars are in the running for a coveted entry spot. Readers can even vote on the entries on the site to influence the staff as to what they want to see in the competition. We値l notify the invitees six weeks before the event (see sidebar). Up to the minute details will be available at grassrootsmotorsports.com, and we値l keep you posted in the magazine as well.

So...the day before the LAST day to slapped Scratcher up there (Independent Study, Varsity) and posted up my request for votes on some of the boards I'm on. The result?

Yup, out of 194 cars entered Scratcher was numero uno! At least for a while anyway.  :-)


In fact for a while Scratcher was the OVERALL highest ranked car on CarDomain. Out of over HALF A MILLION cars, Scratcher clawed her way to the top spot and stood there for a while!

I had hoped to have her painted black in time for the pictures for CarDomain, but the weather didn't cooperate and so the body wasn't done. A week later I got an email saying that Scratcher was indeed one of the precious few to get an invite to the FIRST EVER ULTIMATE TRACK CAR CHALLENGE!

Stay tuned!!