Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 69

The BHT is Sold....A Truly Sad, Sad Day...


The good news is that I sold it to a friend of mine who has to give me first shot at buying her back if he ever decides to sell. But it was still a tough drive to take her away. I've had that truck since she was less than a year old and had hardly any miles on her at all. Now, with over 304,000 on the clock and looking much better than any other '94 I've seen in ages, she is not in the driveway anymore when I walk out the door. At 300,000 miles I changed all the fluids as I had every 25-30k and even swapped out the original fuel pump and original alternator as preventative maintenance. I delivered her with the factory service manual and five single spaced pages of  'how to care for this truck'. She still rode smooth, got good mileage and I would have driven her anywhere with no worries....but it is hard to justify two full size trucks. I know Josh will take good care of her and if he has half as good a luck as I had with her, he will be another very satisfied truck owner.

Here she is the week before I delivered her...our last road trip to TMS to help a buddy who was racing.



Thanks, BHT....for everything!