Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 62

Kicking and Screaming Out of the Stone Age

Or....time to build a new computer 

July '06


    Slow. So very slow. My computer was very old and thus, very slow. It was a P3 gig w/512ram. It started life some 8 (or 9?) years earlier as a top of the line P3 633 w/256ram and had been upgraded many years back and now was just....er....dying. Rather than try to upgrade again, I got some advice from C3 and Redwood and a few clicks over at Newegg and SURPRISE there was boxes waiting for me when I got back from the salt flats. 

Above: WAHOO! Time to build a compy! I had to run the big 220 extension cord to the bedroom so I didnt have to weld in the garage and only caught the bedspread on fire once. Bonus points if you find the burn marks...

Above: Upon close inspection I received the ultra-rare, much coveted Aggie case. Gig'em!!

Above: The motherboard. I just finished using blue crayons on the card slots and putting all the stickers on.

Above: I found lots of mistakes in the French and Japanese versions and immediately called tech support. They were gracious and I am getting a free pack of 3.5" floppy diskettes any day now.

Above: After Race input the BIOS line by line he got lazy and didn't even help me wind the hard drive motors. Lazy dog!

Above: Aight, where the frak do these little colored wires go?

    About an hour after the above picture was taken I fired up the bad boy, put in a freshly purchased XP disc and got this baby up and going. It absolutely rocks and now I just need to know when the next Duckfest is!!