Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 59a

Can I even drive a 4th Gen?


    Yeah, I was wondering that exact thing. I mean, I just could NOT get Mark's car to do anything I wanted it to do in Devens or Milwaukee. I could not get it to rotate into a corner and I couldn't keep the brakes under me and I just felt like a fish out of water. It was horrible.

    I got home on a Wednesday afternoon from Milwaukee and Saturday morning found Nick and I driving to College Station in the wee hours to attend a practice event in his car on some half-living 710s. Nick's 4th Gen is setup like Mark's with the big solid front bar and Koni's. Nick has fully flushed his brake fluid and installed good fluid and runs the same front pads as Mark, but with different rears (Mark had stockers there still). Also, Nick's Koni adjuster's are a bit easier to adjust. Could those few things make a difference? Do they matter that much??





    We got there, changed tires, set air pressures and Nick took a run with me riding. He was a little rusty but as the tires came up to temperature the car felt pretty good from the passenger seat. With a quick two more runs he said it felt great. It sure felt great to me, but I was anxious to get behind the wheel. OH MY GAWD YES, COME TO PAPA! The car felt incredible. It would twitch easily and I could put the front end anywhere I wanted. It turned and rotated beautifully and powered out strongly and cleanly. It was, in a word, wonderful. We made a small front and a small rear shock adjustment and then I took another two runs. After six runs I was done and thoroughly convinced. Nick took perhaps 15 runs total (there was a 30 second course with a timer and an 18 second course we were hand-timing for each other while in the car) and we ran most runs back to back. It was hot (Texas in July folks...) but we never sprayed down the 710s and the brakes never skipped a beat. Pure automotive joy.

    Followed by pure pallet joy, Layne's Chicken Fingers. OMGhi2perfectFINGERS!!! + SAUCE! + TOAST!!!

    6 hours of driving for maybe 10 minutes of seat time. A good trade at that point as it was Saturday afternoon and we were leaving for the Denver Tour on the following Thursday. I was ready. Ready for some redemption (retribution?). Had Nick's car not performed well, we would have taken the B4C...but I felt Nick's car was up to the task.


Astute viewers will notice a Knocker in the top picture and that all the above pics were at the 05 El Paso Tour. Below is Nick, in Denver 06!