Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 51 - March 2006

A Slug of Another Color????

    Time for an update from our northern brother Mike and his toy, the 'Slug'. It used to be the 'Silver Slug', but as you will see shortly the name is going to have to be changed. From now on, it's just 'Slug'. Mike has been busy this winter whittling away at the car with some cage updates as well and some interior and exterior changes. I won't bore you with details, but rather let you see the results.

    This is where we left Mike last.

    Farris Competition over in Bryan, Texas helped the team out with cagework on the Monztr rally car and now they pitched in on the Slug and helped Mike get part of the cage updated. The results are very nice.


Note the updated door bars and updated instrument panel from the initial update Slug chapter. Mike hopes to be back on track early in 06 for the DE season and then attend a licensing school with SCCA as soon as possible.

Update not shown is the ATL racing fuel cell installed in the back. Mike anticipates competing in SPO in SowDiv SCCA and possibly NASA. We'll keep our eye out for some event updates from Mike.