Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 49

Every car dies...not every car truly lives!!

and this one lived so much more than most...


The Monztr was sadly put to rest in 2005. She had seen many competition miles, both SOLO I and SOLO II and Stage Rally. From the high-banks of Texas World Speedway to the open dusty roads of Paris Texas to the William Tell woods of Missouri, she had been there and done that. With undercarriage damage near the seat mounts, a roadrace car needing some parts back and several other things, the decision was made to 'retire' the car. The parts will live on (in fact, as I type this, Red has completed a roadrace recently thanks to the donation!) and will see race duty also.

The above picture is the one many rally teams saw blow past them.

The above picture is the 305 coming out.

The above picture gives me a bit of deja vu from here.

The above picture is me pulling some interior parts.

The above picture is really interesting. The above tool is a standard 60's era USAF canopy knife. It is from an F-101B Voodoo Interceptor. The Witchdoctor Motorsports logo is an adaptation of the Voodoo logo. Coincidence? I think not...

Above: Cutting the roof off.

Above: The roof. It will find a home in my garage I am sure.

Wade and Gary loading the shell.

Thanks for the many awesome miles, Monztr.

As one chassis goes away......another.....????