Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 43

I could not have said it better myself!!!


For a few years I ran a Lola Sports 2000 (S2000, or S2) in SCCA and IMSA. I absolutely loved that car and it was explained to me when I bought it (my experience up until then had been sedans, both roadrace and circle track) that *this* was a racecar. Not a car-that-is-raced. Two totally different things. This car was designed from the ground up to go fast. All the time. And not break. When taking a mass-produced street car and making it into a car-that-is-raced there is compromise. The thing was designed to carry folks to and from the grocery store, beach, work, etc. Stressing it to racing levels is something that was not intended. The Lola....she was different. Designed to be flogged. And wear out the driver long before the car. I have tried to explain that to many folks and also about the feelings I got when running that car. I am rarely at a loss for words, but it was hard to convey.

Imagine my surprise when an Auto Week hits the mailbox with an article about the little Lola. Please read-on.

Yes, I still have my IT car and it will be back on track soon....but a purpose built car....mmmmm....me likey!


This is Frank testing the gearbox I had just re-stacked. I was going to a different track and had changed 3 of the 4 ratios and I was always taught to test it before you take it to the track. Frank kindly offered to run the car through the gears around the industrial complex where our shop was. Visibility was excellent (around the corners) and the place was huge with NOBODY there on the weekends. That Frank...what a nice guy...

And below is one of me at Road Atlanta (back when they had the gravity-cavity).