Chapter 39, Page 3

20 March 2005, Sunday

Awesome day today. It hailed yesterday evening and both my trucks and the Z28 got hail damage. The B4C was with me across town (where only pea-sized hail hit) while the house got hammered. Ug. The data from last night was in the rain but today was going to be different.


So it was AWESOME today and Gary and I went out to our sUpAR CekRAT TeST SiTE and used Knocker to gather a bunch of test data. We setup a quick 15 cone course and started making runs. Some were single autocross style runs and others were 5 lap 'sessions'. The first picture is a screen-capture while I was looking at the five lap run.

The next picture shows a simple graph with speed and lateral acceleration displayed with the dots being new laps.

I have not figured out how to show sector times yet and am running out of weekend. I will play with it more and update this page. I really am only using a small bit of the capability, but this little box is incredible. Next weekend I'll snag some full-on autocross runs from several cars and hopefully know how to overlay them to show the differences.

Spring 2005 Autocross 3 Data!