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Data File from the DL1

Ok, this is a VERY BASIC view so you can see what is up. The 'Mini Track Map' window shows the track and when you hit the 'play' button on the 'Track Map' player it has a red circle that shows where the vehicle was when the data was collected. The 'Variable Values' table shows the data for that moment and then you can graph (Graph 2) the data that you want to see. This is nearly all adjustable and changeable and configurable to your needs and preferences. I look forward to hooking up a tachometer signal and getting that in the mix also. At this particular moment in time I am in the middle of a left turn (for the 'Track Map' window, I am in NASCAR turn 3....but I can handle it....I have a special 'match' set of tires!!!). Looking at the 'Track Map' lower screen I am 46.14 seconds into this run and looking over at the table I can see that I am going 9.831mph (thankfully I am on the matched tires!) and am currently changing my heading by 21.42 degrees per second. I am pulling -.263 Lateral G's (negative lateral is left turn, positive is right) and have gone 1705 feet since the start. I can totally change all the values displayed and graph up to five separate values at once. You will notice on most windows there is some sort of 'toolbar' and that facilitates the changing of the display and it is all very simple.

The DL1 will also overlay onto video that is captured and Ellen is getting me info on that. Since I video my roadraces I am looking forward to being able to overlay this stuff onto it. Additionally, it has a window to display the video in the analysis software (the above screen) while you are going over everything. Too cool.

TAMSCC is having an autocross next weekend (the 27th) and I will capture data from my runs. I will try to get data from several cars since the installation is simple and the card will hold TONS of data. The weekend after that is the SOLO II National Tour in Houston and I will try to capture data from that also. I know DA systems are illegal in SOLO Divisionals/Nationals/National Tours but I will talk to the other FStock folks and see if they don't care since I won't be downloading the data until I get home.

Almost time for the second F1 race of the season. I'll try to add more tomorrow!

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