Chapter 37

Witchdoctor Motorsports

Why we use XPEL Automotive Survival Products


This is Jack Baldwin's GT3 car for the 2005 Daytona 24hrs after the front was X-Pel'ed.

SPEEDFILM did the great installation and gets credit for the picturess. Thanks Speed!


Nice front-end shot with X-Pel sticker below side marker lamp.


WOW! After 24hrs of running the nose is looking pretty dang beat up.


Close up shot of the wear.


WHOAH! Take a look at the front end with the X-Pel off. Awesome!


With the X-Pel completely removed you can see how nice it stayed. Saved from a complete front-end re-paint!


Look close at the broken fender. It is being held together with the X-Pel kit. Possibly saved a flat tire!


X-Pel Automotive Survival Products on the front of the Rally Car.

Many stage miles at night and passing rock-throwing cars and no damaged lights!



XPEL Automotive Survival Products. For the road that lies ahead!