Chapter 35

Texas Star and Paris by Night.

The LAST TWO SCCA Stage Rallys..... 27 Nov 2005


This was the last SCCA Stage Rally and we were happy to be a part of it. While we dropped out battling for the G5 lead at the end of the third stage, we were still excited to be there. The rear diff locker spring decided it didn't want to play anymore and a rock got between the oil pan and the skidplate and the oil pan cracked. Had it JUST been the oil pan, we probably would have epoxied it and kept going, but the diff was hours from being repaired.

The long version of the race report will follow soon, but we wanted to put up some pictures of the event. It was great fun, we just wish we could have finished. Huge thanks to Wendi, Todd, Wade and Candace for keeping us going!! A video will soon follow too!

Costas (driver), Wendi, Gary (co-driver), Todd, Candace, Wade

Getting our start-time at one of the stages

Passing by one of the spectator areas.

Time to go home...

At the Paris Tower