Chapter 33

10 October 2004

TDE Event At TWS

It was nice weather and I had good students. Mike Countryman had the slug out and Bill Graham was again flogging his s/c corvette. Wade, a local autocrosser was my third student and they all did very well. Three cars ended up suffering from driver error and had serious metal-crunching OTE's. Thankfully all my guys kept it wheels down and shiny side up!


An EVO found the inside armco at T2

Really...I don't think it is going to buff out...

Wade had a tire issue and mounted a spare.

Wade's miata tire VS Jeff's hoosier from his C5

Evo again

Evo one more time


BMW found the inside wall at the entrance to the front straight.

The EVO resting on the inside wall

350Z also found the inside wall at T2

Mike at speed in the silver slug. Mike was fast and smooth and learning his new car.