Chapter 286 

Testing testing testing....


Here it is January of 2021 and the website updates are pretty sparse (thanks Covid), but a lot did happen. It just happened under the radar. I scooted up to MSRCresson many times to help shake down new builds, fine tune cars prior to delivery, work with owners and just recently helped get a car ready for Daytona (and it did really well!). Of course, we tested new things too!!

So a lot of what GSpeed works on gets publicity and we speak openly about it, but some doesn't. Sledgehammer, our 2018 and 2019 National Championship car, a veritable record setting machine, is 90% an open book to anyone who asks in the paddock. Of course that means 10% is NOT an open book. Sometimes the most interesting things are hiding right in the open, but folks are distracted by something else on the car and they never realize it. Honestly that's a lot of the fun, I think.  

Everything has to be sorted and figured and that means time on track. At the 2019 NASA Nationals, we made TWENTY-EIGHT clicks of adjustments on the Penskes as well as two other small changes over the four days. Sometimes you need to be on the pavement you're going to race on....other times we're at the home track in Cresson, pounding out laps to scour data and debriefs to get a car faster. We're always searching for speed: A bit more responsive on turn in, a bit more overall lateral, a bit more forward bite to go to power sooner. We just want MORE. If it were easy, everyone would be building cars that dominate. But they don't. Because it takes a LOT of effort. A LOT of thinking. A LOT of engineering. A LOT of work. 

Other times we're setting up a car for a customer. Driving style and ability comes into play as well as intended use. Driving ability plays a huge part in this setup as well as HOW they drive. Do they consistently over drive or spin? Do we need to make it more forgiving? Or are they very predictable and easy on long runs so a more aggressive setup won't bite them? What tires are we setting up for?

I'm very blessed to be able to do this and on one busy weekend I sorted five cars. That's a lot of acclimating, learning, debriefing and chasing a certain setup for a certain chassis/tire/power/damper combo. But it is incredibly fun. And I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm incredibly blessed to get to do this.

While all the Corvette's are great, two cars that stuck out this past 12 months were both BMWs! Paul Cooper's M3 and the M4 Competition both were really sweet. Honestly, they are all sweet....the C8 on Penskes and A7s is incredible, the 413 Corvette is just wicked fast...

I hope all of you had a good Covid year and I hope you all laid the foundation to do great things in 2021. Build it, test it, refine it, and go win! Here are some snaps I can share.

Cooper's BMW (LOVE THE SOUND!!!):

Above: Testing A7 on a C8 w/Penskes. Note inside front and passenger rear. I'm using the loud pedal a lot...

Below: Anna's 996 (and my ride to the track) and a Daytona-bound M4 Competition

Above: Big Hoosiers on a C8. Below: An incredible C5 with HPR power.

Above and below: Yellow Corvettes getting dialed in

Above: The office of the M4 Competition. Incredibly nice!!

Below: Balancing a high-power boosted Corvette on 'streets'

Above and below: Early one morning and the last bit of daylight (and lots of track time in between!)

Looking for what's next....