Chapter 285    June 2020

Is there a 12-step program for this?

another f-body down...


Seriously is there a program for this? We clearly have a problem.

ANOTHER 4th gen camaro was bought simply to part it out. In our defense, we only part out cars that are not reasonably fixable, and it typically involves getting needed parts out of the now-donor car.

Just like the last 4th gen camaro, this car was acquired simply for the LT T56 transmission. This car was actually an honest-to-goodness race car that ran in the CMC series and was in the owner's driveway one afternoon and something happened causing a driver on the street to zoom off the street, across the grass and fence and into the parked CMC car, hitting just behind the driverside rear wheel at about a 45* angle, pushing the CMC car forward into a parked RV. Oy. Insurance paid and the chassis hit in the left rear was major. Car was sold to me. (thanks Corey!!)

The best killer of 4th gens is MFW's casa and so it was taken there where it was rapidly scattered. Motor, k-member, radiator, fresh koni's w/springs, and lots of small parts were sold really quick. I kept the LT T56 (not the same as an LS T56) and then sold (and still am) some of the other random items. There is good money in part-outs!

Likely the hardest to sell piece will be the cage. Having built enough cages and knowing the time/effort it takes, I could not just cut this cage up. While it is not a "pro-level" cage at all, it certainly will work for a track day car or another CMC car, so it was carefully plasma'd out leaving the pads. Most folks won't want it, but for those who have priced a cage and/or knows what it takes, this is certainly the easy button. See below for random snaps of the used-to-be-a-car.