Chapter 283    May 2020


GSpeed's C8 when the weather isn't cooperating...


Short chapter here because not too much happened. Louis had planned a test day with The List HPDE ( and the weather turned bad on us. There was a CHANCE it would dry out in the middle of the day so when I got there fairly early the tail was still off the car since GSpeed was taking measurements for various things.

A few hours later and a bit before lunch the rain turned to a light drizzle that was getting more intermittent. I went out and made laps and had some fun. The car is a lot of fun to drive in the wet and just like the dry you can get pretty greedy with the throttle. The grid folks were keeping impromptu lap times on folks and while a FWD boost buggy was dominating that ended when Slick came out! Heh.


In the early afternoon we almost kinda sorta got a dry-ish line in a few spots but then the drizzle came back and any hopes of putting on the Hoosiers were dashed. I did take several folks for some fun rain laps and share the C8Joy with them. Everyone was grinning when they got out! that a carbon splitter being test-fit ???? the end we learned a few things about the rain settings and how the car does in the wet, but the sway bars and Hoosiers will have to wait till next time. Stay tuned!

Fun PLAY VIDEO from the wet day: