Driver's Edge 06-07 March 2004

The above and below picture are from some mud Jason found after T4. Cleaned it off and went back out!

The above and below pics are of a solo'd driver's Z06 who found mud on the T6 exit on our warmup lap! I was riding with him to give him some pointers and we didn't quite make it the first time around. Again, he cleaned it off and we went back out and I gave him a few pointers (he was already an accomplished driver for sure) and helped him brush up a bit. We went passenger (my) side sideways through some mud/puddles at a pretty good clip, and I first reached to roll up the window, but then figured there was NO way I could get the window up in time, so I just flipped down my visor and crouched low. Got soaked anyway. Smelled bad (stinky water). Thankfully I take plenty of spare clothes to the track!!

The below pictures are from a failed corvette wheel. Interesting.

This in one of the ones that hadn't broken.