Chapter 271 - January 2019



Longtime readers will remember the Monztr, our Monza rally car that died in 2005. Plucked from a field in Lexington Texas (spotted there during a mad Austin-to-College Station run ages before) and then transformed to a widebody racer to run AggieCross at TWS and then re-transformed to a rally car, THAT car really lived.

Bic as it arrived (Gary found it in Houston!!) in March of 2008 and our first race (and podium) in October of that year.

Now, our crew has certainly killed their fair share of cars. Some died in a rather mundane fashion ( and other cars we've taken apart simply died due to an owner running out of talent on a rural road and the WDMS team again stepped in to harvest the pieces for spare parts.

However, just like the Monztr in 2005, Bic really did live. From the high banks of Texas World Speedway and Daytona to the sacred ground of F1 cars in Austin to backwater Louisiana's No Problem Raceway (oh, there were problems alright!! Sparks and Fire and Walls, OH MY!) and then the typical Texas tracks of Eagles Canyon and MSR-H, Bic raced and battled. Sometimes we won, sometimes we DNF'd. Most every time we had a good time.

Anna (and her FLIP PHONE) at either the first or second race...


Our daughter Rossi has pretty much grown up with Bic!!!

Below: I love her face in the reflection and on the right is lights for Daytona!!!


A quick back-of-the-napkin tally shows nearly 4,000 laps completed for a staggering 10,400+ miles covered. This does not include several test days either!!

Let me put it this way: San Diego to Boston is right at 3,000 miles. We raced from San Diego to Boston, back to San Diego and back to Boston and then to Dallas. Wow.

Anna leading a pack at the 24hr race in Louisiana. Despite a fire and finding a wall we finished 11th out of 50ish cars! Wahoo!

Bic started as a "500$ car" for the WDMS team to join forces with Anna's BikiniRacer moniker to run the 24 Hours of LeMons. Our first event we finished 2nd out of 75 entries and lost to an experienced team (of our 4 drivers, only I had a good bit of wheel-to-wheel road race experience) but our team was enthusiastic and we pushed hard. We ran a few more races but LeMons really was not our cup of tea and when WRL showed up, we jumped ship and never looked back.

Above: Our last LeMons race for Max Evans' memory and below, one of our early WRL races at TWS


Above: Daytona!

As usual, Bic will live on in the stories the team tells and the parts will go to the next chassis. Bic was handicapped from the get-go by being an original v8-5speed t-top car that was abused by a young male driver before we even got it. I'm sure it was warped before we put it on track the first time and the structural part of the build, while hasty, was also poorly executed. We raced anyway. Bic found a few walls to help with the warpage and I don't think the fire did us any good either. Still, we raced. However, the cracks got worse and when the stampings that tied portions of the structure together began to pull away it was time to retire the old girl.

Above: Racing at COTA....Fertitta came over and sprayed Bic white and from a distance it looked mostly kinda sorta decent.


Above: Some good PR from WRL and Anna, waaaaay pregnant, welding on ground effect tabs and fixing door hinges



Above: Drivers....we've had a few....

One of the top 5 driver quotes = Louis: "I helped a guy get out of the way"

Below: Wearing OnRamp livery and low-drag headlight covers, Bic does her last event at COTA in Dec 2018.

In our final race at COTA, even with all the shortcomings, Bic was virtually untouchable in the esses and we could brake with any gp2, 3 or 4 car no problem. The next WDMS endurance chassis will be a 92 model (they were glued as well as welded) and it's a v6 auto hardtop. No cracks in the critical areas, solid no-hit body and the underside is straight. This time, the cage will be done right. Stay-tuned!

Three solid wall hits, a fire, LOTS of bump-and-runs, thank you Bic for keeping us safe!