June 2018 -  Chapter 265


Big Brakes for the Third Gen Camaro!!


Big brakes, like big horsepower, is easy to find. Just spend a lot of money!

Many times, however, we strive for maximum yield with minimal investment. I can really relate to that as Scratcher has minimal money outlay for maximum ability!

Above: a small sliver of the huge blueprint

So let's apply that theory to brakes! Back in 2012 on FRRAX (www.frrax.com, a website for fbodies that road race and autocross) a guy posted up he was looking for some exact dimensions on a third gen spindle and he knew it was a long shot, but he posted up anyway. I posted that I'd worked with GM on some things and had one. Another guy who responded quickly was Stan as he was in the initial stages of his brake upgrade on his incredible 3rd gen (that's been a feature car in Hot Rod!).

So as not to bore you, fast forward 6 years and Stan designed this trick triangle that bolts to THREE locations on the spindle and holds an economical Willwood forged caliper (175$) in the right spot for a C5 rotor. Win!

What really drew me to this idea was the THREE mounting points. The factory 1LE 3rd gens use a twin-piston PBR caliper on a "banana" bracket and those have broken under racing usage. Scary stuff. I have a few pics of broken ones from long ago and when I find them, I'll update this with those pics. Stan is a mechanical engineer and put a lot of thought into how this would all work. He had a few sets of brackets made but got busy with his life (and his badass red IROC which I talked him into using a jerico on! heh) and the design was shelved. Later, Gary (local Texas WDMS CMC racer) wanted to upgrade from 1LE brakes on his car to these and so we reached out to Stan who provided the design. Gary had a contact and we had a small run on adapters made and since Gary was the Texas guinea pig, he figured all the parts list and ran them first with great success. Wahoo!

Bored and like old history? Go here: http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/index.php?showtopic=16045



Above: Factory brakes with a 17x9.5 C5Z, on the right is Stan's amazing IROC. Those are 18x10.5 C5Z rear wheels


Above: Stan's initial picture of the brackets on modified spindles. On the right the difference between new and old


Weights shown between loaded calipers. Wow.

Above: Rotor differences. Below: Hubs!

So once the spindles are modified by cutting off the old caliper mounts and then the three dust shield holes are drilled and tapped for 7/16x20 then you need hubs!

Option 1 is to buy a fresh 3rd gen rotor and have the brake ring cut off. I did this for backup hubs. Clearly this is the lowest cost option. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NEED to cut a small radius on the outside face of the hub so the C5 rotor fits onto the hub. The hub is just a BIT too large a dia....I had the machine shop cut this down a bit when they cut the brake ring off. 

Option 2 is my primary hubs and I called Tobin at Kore3 for some billet hubs. He can make it however you want and I selected the 1LE outer bearing for the larger size. http://www.kore3.com/proddetail.php?prod=10038-02 As you can see by the picture above, there is significant weight savings to be had. NOTE: You can't turn down a 1LE rotor as the offset is slightly different and the rotor will not be centered with the caliper. Obviously billet hubs are not cheap, but hopefully it is a one-time purchase (bearings are replaceable! LOL) and the weight savings was too good to pass up. The billet hubs are REALLY nice pieces.



Above: Weight difference of loaded spindle (studs were on the backside of the scale)


Factory 3rd gen 'small brake' spindles (caliper mount cut and ground off, 3 holes enlarged to 7/16x20)

2 x Brake Brackets (there is a LEFT and a RIGHT) plus: (per side) the two spacers, the three bolts with washers to mount it, plus the two bolts/washers to hold the calipers

2 x Adapter to go from 3rd gen chassis to a braided line = (STEEL) -03AN x M10x1.0 FBF

2 x Braided brake line with straight -03 Female on both ends, 20 inch works, but I may try 18s on the next one

2 x Caliper adapter (STEEL) -03 to 1/8"NPT 90 degree (this screws into caliper body)

2 x Hubs (either Kore3 billet alum or cut down steel ones) with bearings and seals and caps


CALIPERS = The Willwood FSLI (forged superlight internal crossover) is ~175$ from Summit/Jegs.

There are two bore sizes. Gary went with the smaller size (less pedal travel) and I went with the larger (more pedal travel). Both of us love the setup, but we've not driven each other's car yet.


If you're running C4/5 of 4th gen wheels, you'll need the requisite spacer/adapter as well.