Chapter 251 - November, 2016

Trans-Am Series & SVRA at COTA

" keeping those tires?"

This event had been on our calendar for months, and the only potential downside was a good chance for rain. COTA is a beautiful facility and it brings out the car count and with Trans-Am and also SVRA there in the same weekend it turned out to be a great chance to see incredible cars as well as chat with TA teams.

This chapter will just mostly be some pictures, but in talking with a lot of the TA teams I did find out that this was the last time they'd use their Hoosier "RC" (road course) tires. The final race was in a week at Daytona and they are required to run the "OC" (oval course) tires there, and then they'd begin testing the new Pirelli tires that are mandated for 2017. I ended up scoring two full sets of tires! One set, from Amy Ruman's car, was in really good shape and I planned to use them in January for NASA, and the other set was a little beat up, but would be fine for some testing. It was also good to chat with several of the TA crew chiefs and discuss what they were seeing with the Hoosiers and what worked and what didn't. Typically, they are very protective of any information like this, but since they'll be on Pirellis next year, I guess they didn't mind sharing. Great chats!!

We grabbed a golf cart and it really made the event a ton easier with the kiddo and supplies (as well as running TA tires back to the truck!). It allowed us to easily scoot out to take great snaps and then be back in the paddock as the cars came back. It hauled our food and gave us a place to change the baby as well as, of course, saving out feet and keeping us (mostly) dry. We visited with a lot of the historic teams, saw quite a few friends and made a few new ones as well. Great weekend!! Here are just a few snaps of the TONS of cars there.

Above: I can somehow relate to this guy....