Ch244 December 2015

2015 Racing Recap


So, for 2015 we ran an abbreviated schedule due to work, a baby on the way and a shop getting laid out (construction did not begin until 2016 though). Still, Anna ran hard at TX2K and we've got some upgrades in the works to the stocktwins car as well as some Scratcher events with NASA and some Bic events with WRL. ResQ is beginning the transition to tarmac and that will take a while. Read below to see how Scratcher and Bic fared for 2015 !!

I did not realize it until I went to add up the finishes, but Scratcher was undefeated in 2015. Wh00p!

Scratcher for 2015:

MSRC in January = 4 SU wins, 2 TTU wins and a pair of track records

TWS in April = 2 SU wins, 2 TTU wins and three more track records

TWS in October = 2 SU wins, 2 TTU wins and one track record

Plus, although I had not been tracking it, I won TTU for the season....this meant:

14 WINS, 6 TRACK RECORDS and 1 CHAMPIONSHIP for the year. #DamnHappy




Bic for 2015:

TWS WRL September, 3 races finishing: 3rd, 2nd, 3rd.

TWS WRL December, 2 races finishing: 1st, 1st !!