Chapter 239 - March 2014

TX2K !!!

So much ground to cover and so many stories to tell....

If you're a car person (especially a big power enthusiast) then you owe it to yourself to go to TX2K at least once. It fits the prototypical "automotive cornucopia" of horsepower. Big power comes in all shapes and sizes and you'll see it at TX2K.

As usual, Anna and I help run the event. This year we'd be doing the entire event at Royal Purple Raceway and it looked very promising. The management of the track was incredibly helpful throughout the planning and execution of the event and it was wonderful to have a bigger home for the spectacle. The big potential issue was rain with LOTS forecasted and many folks bailed and stayed home, often over 1,000 miles away. However, the weather cooperated and we got two full days of roll racing in on Thursday and Friday, Saturday was a rain out and we had a glorious drag racing day on Sunday. Saturday ended up awesome as clusters of folks hung out and had epic lunches, trips to the go kart track, the shooting range, shopping, etc. I heard a lot of positive stuff on Sunday!

M3, 996, 5th gen SS (built!), Lotus and a C7z....and these are just the workers' cars!!!

For drag racing, Anna again saddled up the silver supra and did quite well, getting through three rounds of eliminations before dropping out since we both had work the next day! No biggie as her next opponent was a solid 1.5 seconds quicker than her car, and our family had a blast the whole event.

Track was STICKY!!!


Note the plate behind her.....  LOL