WDMS - Chapter 232 - Q4 2014

Another One Bites The Dust...


In 2003 the WDMS crew killed a 3rd gen Camaro that had subframe damage so bad that it totaled the car. We parted it out and most every bit went to keep more cars running. I still have a bin of the nuts and bolts from that car and some of them even ended up on ResQ!

In 2014 a friend of a friend deal popped up where an incredibly clean 96 LT1/T56 car took a frontal hit and, without uninsured motorist coverage, it was going to the wrecking yard. I stepped in and bought it and after long thoughts about fixing it, Anna and I decided it would never be "right" and we parted this one out quickly.

As you can see, the 50,000 mile car was garage kept and just stupid clean.

Once the decision was made to part it, I posted up on a few boards and CL and the chassis was picked clean in short order. We ended up taking out the ENTIRE interior and crating it and shipping it to the northeast. Local folks picked up the wheels with tires, exhaust, radio, jack, spare, and hatch. The engine was delivered to Dallas when I had to go up for work anyway. The chassis was taken to MFW's shop and cut apart with the rear quarters, rear bumper and rear filler with lights going to another NASA racer. I kept the rear end for Bic and also the T56. The t56 was actually the reason that I bought the car in the first place, and after all was said and done, the time was profitable. Sad to see it die, but glad that the parts lived on.