WDMS - Chapter 230 - November 2014


Double Championships don't "just happen"...

Witchdoctor Motorsports

1997 Chevrolet Camaro "Scratcher"

***2014 NASA TEXAS SU & TTU Champion***




Let's look at the season stats:

24 Total Wins

13 SU Wins, 4 SU 2nd place, 2 SU 3rd place

SU Winner @ Hallett Summer Shootout


11 TTU wins, 1 TTU 2nd place

TTU Winner @ Hallett Summer Shootout


4 sets of Hoosier tires won

7 or 8 (or??) track records (I think...waiting on "track record update" from NASA officials)



As we all know, championships donít just happen. There is a lot of work and effort that goes into the car prep as well as some skill behind the wheel and a portion of good luck as well. I was fortunate in all these areas as well as blessed with so many friends at the track who helped me do all the things to make the sessions I needed to make. Doing double duty (both TT and wheel-to-wheel racing) is a big commitment, but with so many helpful folks pitching in, it all came off nicely.  

First off Iíd like to thank Anna for being an incredible wife who has a competitive side at least as big as mine and a matching drive to keep pushing to the win. If my motivation to achieve victory every faltered, she was right there with more options on tackling problems, more ideas or workarounds, and 100% complete support for this. Always helpful in the garage, planning, packing, and especially at the track, I am truly blessed to have her as a partner in life (and racing). Rossi, our 6yr old is a joy and really has a desire to learn and help. During the Friday thrash prior to the final weekend (with the SU championship still undecided!), Rossi delayed getting ready for Halloween so she could help me swap rockers and did not want to leave until I assured her I had no other jobs that she could do. Such a blessing.

Neil Roberts at ThinkFastEngineering was only a phone call away and provided invaluable setup and chassis/aero tuning advice that kept me setting track records while Terry Fair at Vorshlag supplied AST doubles and lots of trackside help as well. Erik at HKE Racing Engines provided solid reliable power that allowed me to focus on my driving and chassis setups. Louis Gigliotti provided keen insight based on his vast experience and helped me make effective decisions and provided a good sounding board for my ideas and theories. Hoosier Tireís new R75A radial slick gave me great performance on their first lap as well as after 20+ heat cycles. In fact, I set fastest time at Eagles Canyon for all classes and all cars on their 30th heat cycle! Iím thoroughly impressed with this tire! I started the season on Goodyearís but am just amazed at this new offering from Hoosier and I look forward to testing more and going faster. I set my fastest-ever laps at my home track on the new R75A Hoosiers!

At the track, Matt White, Misty White, Marc Sherrin, Jason Toth, Cody Case, Terry Fair, Amy Fair, Gary Robertson, Louis Gigliotti, and Jeremy Warkentine all pitched in at various events to help me fuel, adjust, repair and keep the car going. Some of it was as simple as helping me put on bodywork, and other times it  was drilling and riveting new attachment points for something that was trying to fall off! I thank each and every one of you and please know you played a part in this double championship that we were fortunate enough to win.

As much as family and friends supported me, competitors drive me just as hard. Karl, my main competitor in SU was pushing hard all season and sometimes brought two cars to an event to ensure he was ready. Troy was not in my class, but he always drove me to go faster and push harder than I normally would. Marc, while helping in the paddock, put down very quick times that pushed me in the same fashion Troy did, ensuring I was at the top of my game so I'd be happy with the final time sheets and not disappointed. 



Anna www.bikiniracer.com

Neil www.thinkfastengineering.com

Terry www.vorshlag.com

Erik www.hkracingengines.com

Hooier www.hoosierracingtire.com


The Season:

Round One: MSRHouston

Round Two: MSRCresson

Round Three: TWS

Round Four: Hallett

Round Five: TWS

Round Six: ECR

index: http://www.witchdoctormotorsports.com/news.htm