WDMS - Chapter 227 - Sept 2014

"Hey Costas, can you come drive this McLaren?"

uh, yes....yes I can

I had just finished spending an entire day (pre-sunup to post-sundown) with my friend Marc (as we put another podium finish in for the PoorVette) and he calls and says to come down to TWS pronto. I grab my helmet and shoot down there in Miss and instantly get treated to a ride in the new McLaren 650S.

Then, to make all this better, I get to hot lap it with most all the nannies turned off.

Oh yes. Yes indeed. I giggled most of the time and had Marc laughing.

Huge thank you Marc!!


A quick shot and then a snap of the P1 that was being delivered.

Below: Decisions decisions....  :-D

Try as she might, Marc would simply not let our kiddo take the 650S for a spin...