WDMS - Chapter 225 - August 2014



The eighth year on the planet for Race and Rally was a bit more interesting than the last as they both had surgery. Rally had a growth near her ribs which we elected to cut out and Race walked in the back door with a torn up foot that required fixing. Thankfully our Vet is incredible (she has been on tv shows and is widely acclaimed) and she patched them both up quickly with full recoveries for both of them. Rally's growth turned out to be a fatty pocket (could have been much worse) and they both were in stitches for several weeks but healed just fine. 

Race still looks about the same but Rally is getting more grey under her chin and is a little slower to get up as time goes by. Both are healthy and phenomenal dogs and that's the important part.

Our home backs up to the woods, so there is no shortage of room to roam, random animal scents to smell and things to gaze at out the window when it is cold and rainy.

Above: Rally on the left, Race on the right. We don't work on commands much anymore, but they're very well behaved.


Above: Rally after surgery (note shaved area and Bob cat chilling with her) and then Race getting his foot fixed. Fun times! (not!), but the pups did great!