WDMS - April 2014


Payin my debts...

Every year there is a series of bets based on F1 finishing results. Nick, Cody and I have a main bet and then side bets and typically the loser has to buy the winners DKC sessions. This past year I lost...badly. I not only lost the main bet and came in last, but also lost both my side bets! So, when we could all finally hit DKC (we'd been trying since JANUARY!!!) I had to pay up! The main bet cost me some DKC sessions and the side bets cost me In-N-Out. Thankfully this year I'm going better (so far) with F1 so I'm hopeful for a different result this next year. 

We got the DKC just before they opened on a Saturday and talked to the paddock guys. They got us three fairly quick karts and we each took turns in those three karts to be able to compare times and talk about the characteristics of each. One was fairly loose but had a strong motor, the other two pushed a bit and had good clutches/response. Then, we even did two more additional sessions wrapping up just before noon and heading to In-N-Out. The racing was great and the lunch was glorious. 


Above: NA BMW vs Boosted Chevy!!!  And Cody had a GoPro on the side of his helmet!!



****** CODY VIDEO #1 = https://vimeo.com/95820646 of a nicely done 73.6 ******

****** CODY VIDEO #2 = https://vimeo.com/95820647 of a nice near miss at the 0:56 second mark! ******



Above: Third race and less than a second covered all three of us as we dominated the sessions!!!

Above: LUNCH!!!!

At the end of the day, my last sheet showed I'm now ranked 62nd out of ~44,000....I'm good with that! <grin>