WDMS - Chapter 217 - March 2014


Horsepower Freaks: UNITE!


Not too much of an update here as RAIN crushed the last two days of the epic Tx2K event this year, canceling the drag racing portion. There was a huge twist for the '14 event, Peter dropped the road course event in order to have a two-day roll-race at the Texas World Speedway in College Station. The event sold out quickly and was an incredibly display of power as cars left the grid in pairs to pace through Nascar 1 and 2 and then race 1500 feet along the backstraight then coast through Nascar 3 and 4 and ease back into the pit lane of the 2 mile super-speedway. The event averaged over 1100rwhp, with a few cars between 1800-2000whp.

Operationally, it went very smooth. We had a few short timer delays but the show and experience way overshadowed it. Anna and I ran the event and brought along a small crew to make it happen. It was awesome!

Peter and I organized a few tests in December and January to pre-run the track and get procedures figured. These pics are from the event and the tests.

*If you want to see a LOT more coverage of this event, check out TX2K Facebook page and search youtube for "tx2k".

and I tried to make the pics smaller...but....they are such nice cars that I couldn't do it.


After the Wednesday and Thursday Roll Race Nationals, we headed to Sealy on Friday for the traditional DYNO-DAY. We drove down verrrry early in the morning and setu and then we dyno'd 85 cars on two dynos in about 8 hours! Again, Anna and I wrangled cars and kept the lines moving as best we could.