WDMS - Chapter 214


Picture Page


Took WAAAAYYYY too many pictures to have in one story, and some of these are big and I didn't want to cut them down. Some will have captions and others are just there to enjoy! So....uh......enjoy!


Pro-Photographer Ped (www.wattdesignphotography) snapped the pic on the right while Anna snapped the pic of Ped snapping the pic. How cool is that??

Two more of Ped's pics below. Huge files, easy to make a 2'x3' poster of!! (yes....yes I will)

Another of Ped's fantistic shots below: Very fast corner and I'm freaking hauling here....

Above: One of TWO DSM cars there that sounded good, ran fast and completed all their runs. True story! :-)


I'll close this out with a final shot from Ped at the end of Saturday with a mostly-empty grid (note lip already removed). Gorgeous shot!