WDMS - May/Aug 2013



Not much of a story here, just some snaps to share that I like. I've helped the ME department (led be Make McDermott) at TAMU with their FSAE cars from it's inception in 199-2004 and then again starting last year. The x13 (2013 car) was the first with aero and Anna and I were happy to help the team build a set of test wings and then three more for the actual competition car. Along the way, we also helped built various intake and other parts from composites as well. All in all, a fun time. 

In May I got to go watch a test and then in August I got a chance to drive the car some. It was a serious bit of fun, but required a lot of neck strength and discipline to keep looking ahead and know where the car would end up. It is incredibly light, makes great downforce and has very good torque. I was amazed the aero assistance just eased into existence at a pretty low speed as I am used to cars needing a lot more speed and the consequential 'fall off' due to speed drop or car angles relative to wind, but this car didn't exhibit that at all. Near the end of the second day, Make actually slid behind the wheel and carved a few cones as well, which was fun to watch.

Captions below the pics....enjoy!

Above: Me getting the hang of the car....if  you have the means, I highly recommend it...

Above: Front upright detail

Above: Rear upright

Above: Wings strong like bull!!!

Above: Travis in his office

Above: Swapping out spring/damper combos to go from aero test to playtime as Miss watches...

Above: Good shot of Travis carving it up

Above: Me trying to look as good as Travis

Above: Make out there dodging cones!

Above: As the car circulates, Jacob works on the data tirelessly