Witchdoctor Motorsports - Chapter 210 - May 2013

Testing Testing Testing


It's tough to go faster without testing and as the ThinkFastEngineering.com manual says, you should change SOMEthing every session and see if  you go faster or not. In late May TWS was having a test day and needed some instructors and I had a free weekend so I went out and helped some students and myself. 

Not too much to actually report, but I got some good data, tried two new setup changes (one aero, one mech) and went faster. It's always nice to be on older tires and go purple in test sectors! I got to take a few passengers which is always fun. Scratcher can lay a pretty quick lap time and I'm sure it's fun to sit back and experience it. 

Above: Entering T4.   Below: Exiting T3 with a hint of step-out

Above: Remember kids, the track can bite. My fault, your fault, nobodies fault (name the movie?)....still means a bent car.   Home Depot is out of blue tape now....

Above: Check out that McLaren trying to get next to a hawt third gen....puhleeeze!

Above: Pax #1 ready to go!.    Below: Folks are always surprised how simple the car is (as pax #2 helps me fuel)!

Above: ResQ gets in some laps with a very happy pax!   AeroMod in CF built by Anna and I...worked as predicted!