Chapter 200        June 2012

Strategic Air Command Museum


My apologies for the iPhone pictures (at least it's a 4s) but I stumbled upon this museum quite by accident and had time for a quick walk through. I hope to go back because I missed so much. I saw all the airframes, but there was so much to read and see in side displays that I simply didn't have time for. Next time!


Above and below: XF-85 Goblin, parasite fighter

Above and below: B-45 Tornado

Above: Tail guns of the B-47, which is visible below behind the seaplane

Above and below: RF-4C

Above and below: B-17. I flew behind a nosecone like that here:

Above and below: British Vulcan


You don't see a lot of DC-3 pics with a Bone next to it...

Above and below: a CHROME MiG-21F