WDMS Chapter 199

June 2012

Bye F2 !!

Well, I'd had this car for quite a while but finally got it all pieced together and ended up selling it. I'd have loved to keep it but we've got more cars than needed and if I'm going to spend my time on track trying to go fast, I'll do it in Scratcher! 

I'd gotten the car as a shell roller and put in a fairly fresh shortblock with vortec heads, a T5 and a 4th gen rearend. It had a basic cage, subframe connectors, 1LE brakes, caster/camber plates and bilstien race dampers. I never got to seriously track it, but it sure did feel solid when I took it out and played with it. The new owner had it less than 48 hours and he was already at the track and did four long sessions the first day and said it never skipped a beat and he loves it. 

Above: Anna templating the dash. Below: Cody torques the heads

Above: Awesome Vorshlag exhaust all tucked up. Below: Back from first test drive!