Chapter 195        March 2012



While this quick report will mostly be about the TX2K12 drag day, we have to back up a little before we go forward. As we looked toward the future with the Supra, Anna may try and recapture the 'stock twins' record. In order to do so, the car will need to be optimized. We started with a private dyno day and made quite a few changes, ending up with a 'good bit' more horsepower and over 40lbs/ft more torque. Sadly, several of the custom parts ordered simply did not arrive in time so we went to the TX2K drag day knowing we were nowhere near where we wanted to be. We simply went to make a few passes, hang out with friends and see what happened.

Above: Fertitta thankfully made it out to lend a hand (Estoril blue FTW).

So we showed up and breezed through tech and went to make a qualifier run and our problem instantly came to life. The boost (lol) in power was simply too much for the brakes to hold in their current state. The car, fronts locked and rears struggling simply pushed through the lights. We tried it again and she babied it out but we could not afford to do that in an actual race. Still, with a very stiff headwind we were trapping *extremely* good mph and several folks came over to ask what changes we'd made in order to run that mile per hour <heh>. When the time came for our eliminations round she again red-lighted and we were out. She was below her normal launch RPM and the car again simply pushed through the lights. No biggie, we've got a solution to that along with a host of other parts to take another stab at the record when the temperatures cool back down. We'll keep you updated of course. Enjoy the following pictures from the event...there was some great cars there! It was a fun event to re-connect with lots of old friends, meet some new people and survey the scene.


Above: Passing tech. Below: EvilEvo

Above: Just chillin. Below: Clean mk4

Below: Headed for a qualifier run

Above: "The intelligent thing to do with a fox Mustang" - The Owner of the lsx turbo fox

Below: One of these things is not like the other...



Above: Anna and Peter (TX2K organizer) and a stout sounding Mitsu motor and the car below.


Above: As un-great as our day went, it went a LOT better than this guy's.