Max Ryan Evans, born on April 29, 2008, passed away unexpectedly in the arms of his mommy and daddy on December 2, 2011.

Max was born in College Station, Texas. He was lovingly cared for by teachers at Brazos Valley Montessori where his favorite activities were working with the phonics tub, eyedroppers, writing his name in sand and Lincoln Logs. He loved attending Sunday school at Grace Bible Church's Southwood Campus. Max was a funny, charismatic, smart little boy who was loved by many. With a head full of curls and gray-blue eyes, he was beautiful. But his smile, sweetness, and spirit were what really made him shine.

Max had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh. He knew what he wanted to do and was pretty stubborn if anyone suggested otherwise. He loved singing Happy Birthday at birthday parties and had recently learned to spell his name. He was a cuddly little boy who loved to be held, especially by his mommy. Max loved to cook, listen to Bluegrass music, create art, and work in the garage with his daddy. He loved construction equipment, chips and queso, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Phineas and Ferb, and lately, anything to do with super heroes. He fully participated in events at his sister's Girl Scout meetings, so much so that we are pretty sure he thought he was a Girl Scout. He enjoyed playing across the street with Bethany, Little Hollie and Klayton and being spoiled by his grandparents and aunts.

But most of all, he loved spending time with his big sister Holly. They played "Puppy" and "Mommy", did experiments with various pantry items, and wrestled and cuddled daily. They truly were best friends. Max was loved by his daddy and mommy, James and Veronica; his sister Holly Rosina; Grandpa Max, Grandma Ginger, Granddad Pat, and Grandma Rosina; Aunt Teresa, Aunt Patty and Aunt Shelly; cousins Natalie and Matthew; and so many family and friends. He will join his great granddaddy and buddy, Maxie, in Heaven.

Memorial donations can be made to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy at  


Max's life in pictures:

Max's father James is very active in the local car clubs, both the Brazos Valley Street Beasts, and the Texas A&M Sports car club. It was through the TAMSCC that we met James and his family, and our team of drivers all have TAMSCC affiliation. It was our privilege to carry a theme for Max using his favorite color, bright pink, to accent our well-worn Camaro for the recent race at Eagles Canyon. We were proud to take the checker flag with our car carrying his name. 

~Anna & Paul Costas (BikiniRacer & WitchdoctorMotorsports)

Below: Max hanging out with our other Camaro in September, 2011 at TWS

Below: Max's funeral bulletin


Godspeed, Max :-)