WDMS      CHAPTER 181    (18 & 20 March, 2011)




18 March - Anna and I were tapped to help wrangle cars for the dyno day. Oiy. It was fun and I think we got almost 15 minutes to sit down at the lunch break. The event saw all kinds of cars for the car show portion and long lines for the free dyno pulls. They had a 2wd and a 4wd dyno going and we started the board at 9am. By the time the last pull was done our white board was crammed with numbers! We didn't get to snap too many pictures since we were so busy, but I'll post up the decent ones. For a real photographers view of the event, go here: http://www.1320video.com/gallery/TX2K11Friday?page=1   SIXTY FIVE CARS DYNO'D IN ONE DAY (and done by 6pm!!)


Above: After the event giving trophies...just flat exhausted. And our work...9 cars over 1000rwhp!!

Above: Just a few of the TONS of custom plates

Above: An LSX in an is300, and a BIG single turbo mk4


Above: The s2000 was STUPID clean and a trailer queen I thought...but it ran FAST on Sunday! and Yellow ftw!!

Above: The money isle....

Above: Paging Dr. Ron to the Supercharger counter please!!

Above and below: GTRs were pretty much everywhere...



20 March: After taking Saturday to go run the Vorshlag Mustang at the National Tour in Houston (thankfully), Sunday saw us all head to the track in Sealy for the TX2K11 Drag Races!! The trailer was emptied of Scratcher and the Supra took it's place while the roadrace tires were removed and replaced with spare drag slicks. We got there early and picked a nice quiet spot away from the main road. Sadly there was a SERIOUS headwind coming pretty much straight down the track and we waited a while before the canopy was put up. We got the car out, tires swapped, prepped and Anna took a few passes. The reaction times and 60 foots looked good, but the ET/Traps were a little low (that 25+mph headwind was a killer). I put the chasecam and the DL1 data recorder in the car so we had video and data to peruse later and lots of friends began to show up. Sadly, the class Anna normally runs did not have enough entrants and she got bumped to the next (much) faster class. Ruh-Roh! Her first match was with a much faster car and she red-lit while trying to get a jump. :-(   It was a bummer to get eliminated first run, but seeing lots of friends and hanging out was awesome enough! The photographer there was really cool (had used my trailer at the Time Attack day) and got some really good shots of the Supra that we got. Official pics here: http://www.1320video.com/gallery/TX2K11Sunday

Above: Note the flags...TONS of wind

Above: I'm easy to see on the right...a bit more covered on the left!!

Above: Just part of my head and part of my foot....heh!