WDMS Chapter 180      (19 March 2011)



Not a lot to report here, but the Vorshlag Mustang was so much better than the last time we drove it. We were on fresh Toyo R1Rs and we were changing stuff every run to try and get a handle on this package. The site was clean and the competition was good, but sadly I could not make the second day due to running Anna at the TX2K11 Drag Race event. I made my three runs plus the bonus run (which was a nice addition!) and then we worked course. Later we find we were not running enough air in the tires and the AST valving was not optimal. Terry will fix those things quickly and we'll move forward to a ProSolo next weekend! Vorshlag coverage of the event here!!

The courses were tight, the surface was not super grippy so we struggled. We'll make more changes and try again. This is what you do when you don't take a tried-and-proven chassis to a class. Time to figure out what works and what doesn't. So far, we're figuring out what doesn't pretty well :-) We'll get there!! Captions below pictures. 


Costas waiting in grid...

NICE SCCA trailer with tech on one side, results posting spot on the other. Slick!!

Fair chasing the clock around the cones. 

Yes, it is an NSX at an autocross. Yes, it had issues. Worse than ours...

Tye Jackson's (TAMSCC) first run in a borrowed CP car heading towards the finish. Yeah, he threw that cone about 60 feet!!!

Massively popular sport, just look at all the fans clamoring for a view of their driving heros!!!   ;-)