WDMS Chapter 179        17 March 2011

Scratcher Passenger Report 


 More Tx2K11 Time Attack Pictures!!


First up, let's hear from Anna...Scratcher's first passenger:



So, I can honestly say I didn't know what to expect when I crawled into the passenger seat of Scratcher. I'd seen the car run, I knew that it was fast and had power. I knew that when I ride with Paul, I am extremely at ease and comfortable. I have always been 100% comfortable riding with Paul whether it was at an autocross or on a race track. I knew he knew the car well and I trust in his ability to learn a track quickly. I did have to give him the 'btw, I may get a touch of motion sickness' schpeel right before we went out. His reply...'And you're telling me this now?'...laughing of course. 

So, how was it?...one may ask...riding in a GT1 car?...a ton more HP on a tight course?...

...makes for a ton of fun :) ... and is:

...freakin awesome! The car handles really well, in my opinion. Paul admitted he wasn't pushing the car to its full potential with me in it (and I asked him to push it). I'm not sure how fast we were going on the straights (125mph?) or into the turns (80-90mph?)...he'll have to fill in that info. All I know is that everyone quickly turned into a blur as we entered each turn. Usually I brace myself, but I actually felt so comfortable that I pulled out my iPhone and took some pics. The harness was keeping me in place and I was totally and completely comfortable inside. But that's just me. 

So, I was NOT your typical squealing girl saying "OMG! That was SO awesome, I feel like I'm going to throw up" while pouring myself out of the car...

No, I would have to say that it was fast...blazing fast...and fun...and smooth (totally driver ability to make for a smooth ride...in addition to the suspension and set up)..love the rumble of the engine as he's shifting gears, love the acceleration, love entering the turns and exiting the turns while blowing by other cars on track. It does get a bit warm inside but you'll only notice as you start to slow down. The rest of the time, you're going way too fast to even notice...or care, lol. Loved the ride. Loved it...huge thank you for entering under BikiniRacer.com, winning the time attack competition and letting me be the first passenger :)

For those of you reading, if you are lucky enough to score a ride, highly recommended...that is, if I'm not already in the passenger's seat ;) ... kidding, I'll share (if you ask nicely).


And now, some random pictures from the event and a timesheet too!!

Above: At speed with the WDMS and VOMO rigs in the background (and the only decent shade in the whole paddock!)

Above: At speed with Anna

Above: Front ride height is high due to travel blocks already installed to help load the car

Above and Below: Comparison shots when Scratcher came out and the Supra went in!

Above: Scratcher under the 'big shade' and then after unloading, Scratcher and Miss (and pups)