WDMS Chapter 174, March 2011


BMWCCA AX Vorshlag E30 Shakedown + Countryman's MSRC GT1 Shakedown!!!

I got up stupid-early and slid behind the wheel of my favorite third gen and pointed the nose north. Miss and I headed up to Texas Motor Speedway to see what kind of speed I could get out of her on the high-banks of a real NASCAR speedway! Alas, the security guards knew nothing of our plan and pointed us outside the oval to the bus lot (where the busses park...sigh) where the local scca and bmwcca clubs play cone-dodging! Today the bmw club was all setup to play with the orange pylons and I parked next to the big Vorshlag Motorsports rig. Our little black steed awaited her first outing since last year when the trans broke at the GRM 2010$ challenge. With a completely new-to-us but completely used trans courtesy of craigslist installed we were ready to see how fast we could stop the watches and begin to sort the chassis. At the GRM challenge we fought very poor brakes and no forward bite out of the back of the car along with any-throttle-oversteer. Some changes had been made but sadly we have a ways to go still. The good news is that some of the poorness is self-inflicted and we have a while before we have to go back to Florida to redeem ourselves. 

So, while the autocross was fun and we learned a few things the car still has a ways to go. The brakes were better, but still not up to par and the car handled....weird. It would turn in well enough, but any throttle and it would snap to oversteer. It seemed odd and I intentionally stepped it out pretty far in order to see if there was any bite at a high slip angle and quickly found out that no, no there is not, as I spun the car. I've not spun while actually trying to go quick in ages. Later, we find out the front and rear toe was completely wacked and it made the odd handling more understandable. Fair will get this stuff fixed and we have a NASA event coming up very soon. The motor was stupid-awesome and made great power. Forward bite is tough to get and we'll address that as we sort things also. Transmission was fine and felt good. We called it a day a bit early due to a tire getting a cut from an inner fender. It was still run-able, but with the wacky handling Fair drove it into the trailer. We'll fix the offending metal and then rotate the tires before the next event and get the alignment squared away. We're getting there...

OFFICIAL VORSHLAG MOTORSPORTS WRITEUP AND VIDEOS ARE HERE ----->  http://vorshlag.smugmug.com/Racing-Events/BMW-TMS-030611/16091952_VdC9Y#1207832073_Kynak

And speaking of getting there, shortly after lunch Miss and I scooted out to MSR-Cresson to check on Mike since he was taking his GT1 car out for the first time!

X marks the spot!!! GORGEOUS weather today for these events!!!

When folks call the little E30 fender flares 'rudimentary' then I'll simply show them this picture! 

Sorry for the crappy iphone camera pics, but this little guy buzzed the field a few times...made me TOTALLY jealous I wasn't flying today!

Below are some pics of Mikey and his car along with the street version! (and a sweet looking 911 for good measure!)

VIDEO HERE: ---->  http://vimeo.com/20761582

Mike said he was very happy with the car. It didn't do anything out of the ordinary and ran cool for all the sessions. He is also signed up for the upcoming NASA event so stay tuned!!!